The Ultimate in Health Restoration is Here.

Extraordinary Goals Call For Extraordinary Action.

Human Restoration Inc at Independence Station is proud to present its flagship project. Located in Independence, Oregon, this healthy, ultra-high performance, energy efficient medical facility pushes the standard for healthy buildings. Physicians, Nurses, interns, patients, members, visitors, and students will experience what a hyper-personalized, truly comprehensive all-under-one-roof approach to total-person health restoration can truly accomplish. Our mission is to demonstrate, that with common sense and an all-aspects, synergistic approach, monumental advances in human performance and health restoration can occur. The proper simultaneous combination of evidence-based medicine, excellent nutrition, strength & fitness training, education and rest combined with close, caring relationships and long-term follow-up, yields both rapid and lasting results.

Services and areas of focus:

  • Extreme and Moderate Weight Loss
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and State-of-the-Art Wound Care Clinic
  • Accelerated Post-surgery Rehabilitation
  • Boutique Dialysis Center
  • Strength and Fitness Training
  • Comprehensive Education
  • Full-service Outpatient Program Services

Selected Health & Fitness related professionals and businesses will have the unique opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind, healthy building of the future. Sign up early here to be one of the first businesses on our contact list to learn about our all-inclusive Health and Fitness system that we call SecondLease.

Hold the Vision. Trust the process.

— author unknown

In order for us to live lives of lasting purpose, we need to be good stewards of our bodies so that we are both physically and mentally strong. We need to do this in order to become both capable of and effective at successfully reaching out to help others in need.

Steven Ribeiro , Founder CEO