While implementing many standard green building features, such as rainwater collection and reuse, extensive day-lighting, building with recycled and reclaimed building materials and components, low VOC paints and adhesives, rapidly renewable resources, energy efficient systems etc., we also employ waste heat reuse, significant thermal storage, climate control that is delivered in the form of efficient and highly comfortable radiant heating and cooling and many other techniques. Independence Station is going above and beyond typical ‘green’ development. Using an extensive PV (photo-voltaic) system, a Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system, thermal storage, solar heating and aggressive energy efficiency measures, Independence Station will be capable of independent operations from the power grid. We have the ability to be fully off-grid for extended periods of time, providing safety and security for our clients and our retail business partners as well as their customers. There will also be an alternative energy research/building science center that will partner with Oregon State University and others to always be working on solutions for our future. Oregon has a long tradition as a “land of pioneers”. With Independence Station, that tradition continues.

Why is energy efficiency important?

High-performance buildings are not something just for the future; they are for today. Sustainability is more than just about clean air and clean water; it is about economic sustainability. We cannot effectively replicate new and exciting technologies that will in turn make a difference for National Energy Security for future generations without economic sustainability.